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During a recent trunk show at Icon Interiors in Charlotte, designer Lindsey Carter (center) posed with models wearing pieces from her Spring 2010 collection.

If you love to be a fashionable step or two ahead of the rest, you need to check out Troubadour now. The line, which made its debut at Charleston Fashion Week in March, is picking up steam.

Designer Lindsey Carter, whose resume includes work at J. Crew, Madewell and a startup luxe golf line Carter Humphries, was featured as a designer to watch in Women’s Wear Daily in September.

Now, Troubadour’s Spring 2010 collection has been picked up by Fleur in Raleigh, Beanie & Cecil in Wilmington, Hampden in Charleston and Gwynn’s in Mount Pleasant (clothing should be in stores by February).

Carter was in Charlotte recently for a Troubadour trunk show at Icon Interiors. As While visitors sipped champagne and noshed cheese straws, Carter shared details of her inspiration. This collection, she said, was inspired by Neil Krug’s photography, specifically his plays on light and gradient color.

The result is a fun, modern mix of sophisticated, chic apparel that works at a Southern cocktail party or big city night on the town (pieces start at $300). There’s the Edie jumpsuit, named for Little Edie Beale of Grey Gardens fame, with its one-shouldered, belted ease and ruched cropped legs. Or the Sophia romper that looks anything but, with a full leg and exposed dolman/bat wing shoulders.

And what to make of Troubadour’s rocker/hunter logo? Carter says the skull represents New York City and her Fashion Institute of Technology training, the antlers are the South, and the anchor represents the sea (she now calls Charleston home).


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The sequined dress stylist Gretta Monahan wore during the H&M store opening at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta sold out shortly after the doors opened. Paul Abell/Elevation Photos

This just in from the ATL bureau of If The Shoe Fits:

Swedish fast fashion retailer H&M continued its fashionable assault on the United States, opening a third Atlanta location recently at Cumberland Mall. Shoppers lined up – some as early as 8:30 a.m. – to check out the newest southeast location (the fifth in Georgia; the first Carolinas store is expected to open in Raleigh in the spring). The first 100 shoppers at the new store received gift cards worth $10 – $100.

Stylist Gretta Monahan, who appears on “The Rachael Ray Show” and “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style,” was on hand. Monahan took a few minutes between styling consultations with shoppers to pass along these style tips. — Erin Kasari

What is your personal style philosophy? I believe that all of fashion and style should be accessible at any price. It is really about creating your own personal look and not copying the trends.

What is one of the biggest fashion faux pas for both men and women? The biggest mistake I see is wearing the wrong size. Clothes that don’t fit – no matter how expensive or how on trend they are – look absolutely awful. Spend the time to find clothes that fit. Don’t get caught up in the craziness of getting clothing on sale. Even when clothes are on sale, you’re still paying something for them – so, please, be picky at every price point.

What feature do you wish women would play up more? Definitely their waists. I don’t care if you’re pregnant, not pregnant, big, small, whatever size, whatever height, you’ve still got to rock the waist. Never ever give way to wearing any sack or boxy shapes. Do something to create a little bit of an inward shape in the center part of your body, whether you have to create it high on your body because you have a low belly or create it a little lower because you’re curvy. Accentuating the waist will always make a woman look feminine and finished.

How can fashion conservatives incorporate trends such as metallics and sequins into their wardrobe while still staying within their comfort zone? You’re going to find very soft metallic threads woven into knits that are classic – so it’s great for someone who is a classicist. You’re also going to find leathers or fabrics that are washed down with a tiny bit of glitter or shimmer. So if you want to dial it down, there are plenty of ways to do that.

You can even just work with jewelry. If you want to keep your entire wardrobe classic, but you want to add a little shimmer you can add a chunky necklace, a large cuff bracelet or ring – you can get it just from one of those.

The easiest way, always, is in a bag or a shoe – and they’re out there at every price point. Even if you say to yourself that you’re never going to wear sequins, try them with a little bag or with some shoes. Even if you’re conservative, it will actually make you smile to put on a pair of shimmery, shiny shoes.

What are your other favorite trends this season? I love the boyfriend jacket. It’s been an easy, great piece that all of my clients, friends and celebrities have been enjoying. I also love the lace trend. I like the whole tough/sexy vibe of mixing lace with chains. That’s a little ’80s, but done in a really great way.

I can’t get enough of booties and over the knee boots. I know that over the knee boots can be hard, but I like that they are doing them in both flat and high-heeled versions. They act like a little pant – I just wear them with a skirt and I’m not going to show anything. I also like the neon trend. Hot neon colors mixed with black was an unexpected combination for the fall, which I really like. And the statement necklaces, they’re easy and give one big bang to your outfit.

You’re down to your last $50 and you can only spend it on clothing or accessories. What is the one thing would you buy? Honestly, a dress. I call a dress a ‘one piece wonder.’ Women always look sexy, feminine and put together in a dress. Top, bottom – everything’s done in one piece. But, shoes are a close second.

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Two of my favorite things came together for a great cause during New York Fashion Week in September: Sharpie and Betsey Johnson.

My love for the markers knows no bounds, so I was thrilled to hear the company tapped the designer who has incorporated doodle-like drawings into her signature look.

Johnson, a breast cancer survivor, visited the Sharpie Bar inside the tents at Bryant Park to customize an exclusive T-shirt that was auctioned off to benefit City of Hope Cancer Research Center.

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Nina Garcia get out of my head!

I found myself nodding in agreement and giving the “Project Runway” judge and Marie Claire editor mental high-fives while devouring her latest book, “The Style Strategy: A Less-is-More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart.”

In her third book (I’m also a big fan of last year’s “The One Hundred“), she’s not breaking new ground, but authoritatively making the argument to buy less, but buy better.

The book is worth a read for the Ruben Toledo illustrations alone, but you’d be missing out on a guide to editing your closet, assessing needs and wants, along with pithy stylish quotes and a quick-hit course in the historical implications of fashion.

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