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SATC II: I am a sucker

sarah_jessica_parkerwenn.com photo

The women of “Sex and the City” are back on the streets of New York City, filming the sequel to the monster hit movie.

I didn’t care for the film then, and still don’t really now (even though I own it on DVD and will sit through every showing on HBO, regardless of how much of the movie is left).

But, apparently, I’m all talk. Because when it occured to me that I’d be in New York while they are (possibly) filming, I was giddy. So what if my expectations of this second film are horrendously low — these are my girls!

The TV show and the characters and the clothes stand up so well, I’ll even sit through a heavily edited TBS rerun just to check in with what feels like old friends.

The chance of seeing wardrobe stylist Patricia Field or Big or Charlotte could lead to an epic leave of decorum on my part.

And if it’s Carrie in some fabulous shoes, all bets are off. Did you see those pics of her in gold, sparkly Louboutins?



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