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Project Runway: It’s back.

“Project Runway” is a bad habit I just can’t quit.

Not as deadly as smoking, or even Peppermint Joe-Joe’s, but  dangerous addiction none the less. Every season, I say I’m done with the lackluster designs and the self-important drama queens.

Especially after season six, which was held in legal limbo for so long, was filmed in Los Angeles and had Nina Garcia and Michael Kors MIA for most of the episodes.

So it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that I’m staying true to my fickle Gemini roots when I say that after watching the first episode of season seven (which airs at 10p Jan. 14 on Lifetime), I may not be over the show after all.

They’re back in New York City, Heidi is pregnant (best not to think on it too hard — daughter Lou was born in October) and MK is there, front and center, with his barbed, bitchy tongue. Tim Gunn and his wonderful vocab are here too.

All is right, right?  Yeah, I guess. There is potential for fireworks, especially when you consider the wide age range of the contestants (some are well into their 40s! Gasp!).

There’s Seth Aaron who is vaguely reminiscent of Suede in hair and third person speaking voice.

There’s Janeane who may have set a record for the number of crying fits in a single episode. One was prompted by only mentioning Bryant Park. After that little display, I expected little from her designs. Until I saw what she sent down the runway.

My early early fave? Costume designer Emilio. He’s mature, thoughtful and experienced.

Look for Birmingham, AL’s Anthony to be entertaining — in design and personality.

Check out the new season on Thursday and be sure to let me know what you think. In the meantime, check out Tom & Lorenzo’s Project Rungay for in-depth designer profiles and hilariously catty insight.


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