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I had all but given up on manicures. It was just too disappointing to see my pretty nails chip off after a day or two, thanks to all the wear-and-tear of housework and motherhood.  I stopped getting manis, stopped painting my nails and just figured that when the kids are in college, I’ll start fussing over my nails again.

So when my mom raved about Sephora by OPI nail Hydrator, saying it improved the condition of her nails, I was doubtful.  She was so sure I’d love it, she sent me a bottle. I was so sure I wouldn’t, it sat unopened for months.

When I finally did open it and paint the thin, clear treatment on my nails, I was hooked. With no polish, it adds a slight sheen to nails, keeping them looking healthy. My nails were stronger and growing.

As a base coat, the Hydrator extends the life of a mani dramatically. I am on day six of my at-home mani (Zoya’s glittery green Suvi, thank you very much) with little signs of wear. For my nails, that’s an eternity.

As a bonus, the Hydrator treatment is free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.


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I will be the first to admit that I, on occasion, can be a snob of the handbag, shoe, food and beauty products variety.

So when a makeup artist at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory sat me in a chair during September’s New York Fashion Week and whipped out the CoverGirl & Olay SimplyAgeless foundation, I tried to stifle my gasp.

Isn’t that the line that is endorsed by Ellen DeGeneres? And ageless? Really? I know I’m *ahem* getting older, but is my skin that bad that is warrants fixing all day long?

Yes. Yes and maybe.

Here’s my mea culpa: I was so very, very wrong to prejudge. This is the most fab foundation I’ve used in quite some time. The pairing of CG foundation with Olay Regenerist moisturizers creates a creamy foundation that is comparable to those at much higher price points.

First, with a small brush or a fingertip, use SimplyAgeless as a concealer under eyes or on blemishes. Foundation application is easy and uniform with a fluffy makeup brush (skip the foam pad provided, especially if you tend to have a heavy hand). The wet-to-dry makeup doesn’t settle into fine lines or pores. Instead, there’s a natural, effortless base that isn’t oily or too dry that also includes SPF 22.

$13.99, CoverGirlCVS/pharmacy and other drugstore chains

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Fab Find: Brazilian Peel

A product that saves you time and money? Yes please.

The Brazilian Peel by Advanced Home Actives does just that, offering a professional-grade chemical peel on your schedule, in your home.

Chemical engineer Mac Smith created the kit after seeing the effects of a too-powerful peel on a friend’s face. Smith started tinkering, and paired the exfoliating properties of glycolic acid with the anti-aging benefits of acai, which is found in the Amazon rain forest. Brazilian Peel was born.

The four-week system includes glycolic peels, facial cleanser and booster cleansing pads. The peels, which are recommended for use once a week for four weeks, are pre-measured and medical-strength, leaving little room for error.

Does it work? Yes. My skin condition improved quickly after the initial peel. Paired with the cleanser and booster pads (think of Oxy pads without the harsh chemicals), my face had fewer blemishes and appeared brighter and tighter.

$135 for four peels, facial cleanser and booster pads. Click here to order.

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Fab Find: Heeltastic

I am always skeptical of products advertised in infomercials. Especially beauty products that promise results that seem almost unattainable, at least for me. That changed when I gave Heel-tastic a chance. My rough, scratchy, cracked heels disappeared after a few applications.

Heel-tastic uses a blend of coconut, avocado and olive oils (among other ingredients) and silicone-based dimethicone in its easy to apply balm. Slather your tootsies with the pliable solid moisturizer, slip into some socks and head to bed.

You’ll see an improvement by the next day. $10; online, CVS and other select national chain stores.

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